Best USA president

usaThere are so many reasons why you can say one president or other was the best in the country, each one has a different favorite one, but in general the best USA president were:

  • Abraham Lincoln
    I think he is one of the most popular, favorites and one of the best USA president for almost all American because he fought for the right of each American and he did a great job with the abolition of slavery in the United states.
  • Franklin Roosevelt
    He was an intelligent man who shown to be a great leader in the World War II. He also fought to write the word end at the “Great Depression”, creating help programs to give hand to his people in order to have success in their own life.
  • George Washington
    He was the first president of United States, he was two terms set president and he was directly involved in the USA constitution.
  • Thomas Jefferson
    He was one of the best USA presidents because he was a strong man with a great leadership; he gave wise power to the Federal government in some cases.
  • Theodore Roosevelt
    He was a really influential man, everyone recognized him as the “Trust Buster”, and he fought against any corruption in all kind of business. He loved nature and animal so made so many national parks.
  • Dwight Eisenhower
    This great president made United States a prospered country because it started a big economic prosperity with him. And he was a great leader during the Cold War.

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