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7 Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

If you want to freshen up your present space in an environmentally friendly fashion or explore ideas for decorating your new house without affecting the environment, don’t be concerned. Contrary to widespread belief, sustainable home décor is not highly expensive, strange-looking, or difficult to maintain. There are hundreds of choices available to repair, renovate, and beautify your home without spending too much money or using unneeded energy, water, or natural resources. It is now solely up to you on how you make your selection.

We’ve compiled a list of the best seven green home decoration ideas that are simple, inexpensive, and less destructive to the environment. Examine it out!

1. Repurpose Your Waste to Create Something New

With the watchwords of eco-friendly living being reuse, reduce, and recycle,’ it’s no wonder that this suggestion tops our list of green home decoration ideas. Instead of purchasing new home décor items, consider restoring old furniture, recycling, or finding new uses for your old goods.

Old baby food jars or Mason jars, for example, can be transformed into adorable planters for your herbs, vases, or holders for colored pebbles. Old shirts that you can’t bear the thought of throwing away can be transformed into comfy pillow covers, and old sheets can be transformed into beautiful drapes.

An old wooden rocker can be brightly painted yellow to provide life and color to a drab porch. Recycled slipcovers or upholstery made of recycled wool might breathe new life into an old sofa that you were considering replacing.

An old trunk sitting idle in a corner can be transformed into a chic coffee table.

A bookcase that you no longer need in your living room can be relocated to a study or garage, where it can still be used to store materials.

2. Purchase Items Made with Recycled, Recyclable, or Sustainable Materials

When it comes to flooring, use eco-friendly materials. Some of the more popular types of such materials include bamboo and linoleum. You can also go with hemp linens or recycled polyester drapes. This way you can be sure to do your part for the environment as well as elevate the style of your interiors.

3. Support Local Artists and Craftspeople

When purchasing art or supplies, support local artists and craftspeople. They will appreciate it, and it will also allow you to contribute in your way to lowering the carbon footprint.

4. Purchase Used Furniture and Home Décor

If it is possible to give your space a new look without completely renovating it, it makes a lot of sense.

Auction websites are excellent places to find second-hand home décor and building materials in good shape at low prices. Buying used things can save you money and allow you to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

Some recycling centers also provide free paint exchange programs to drop off your old paint and pick up a new colour. Old tables and chairs can be given new life with leftover paint. Do you consider yourself an artist? Check out these 100+ wall painting ideas to instantly change any room. When you’re finished, you won’t be able to recognize the room!

Some websites allow you to exchange any product you don’t want with another member who has something you need, as long as you don’t charge a fee. Who knows, your friend could be willing to trade her couch, which you’ve secretly loved for years, for your bookcase! If that doesn’t work, you can always put up a garage sale or a community swap if that doesn’t work.

5. Use environment-friendly paints and finishes

Choose paints and finishes with very low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Because these paints contain water, they are less hazardous than high-VOC paints, containing petroleum-based solvents and producing dangerous fumes.

6. Think Twice Before Making a Purchase

You may be tempted to get a lower-priced dining table right now, but reconsider. If the furniture or equipment you want won’t last more than a few years, you’ll wind up spending more money and wasting resources. Rather than purchasing low-quality materials at a low cost, invest in high-quality furnishings and building materials that will last a long time and benefit both you and the environment.

7. Plants for the Home

In addition to enhancing the air quality of your home, indoor plants are a terrific way to brighten up an otherwise drab space. And they’re as green as they come! Bringing a few plants inside is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to green your home.

Don’t forget to donate anything in good shape that you replaced during your decorating spree to charity or non-profit organizations. You can also contact the folks who will visit your house and check your trash for reusable building materials before taking them away to be distributed to other groups. This will not only help you reduce the environmental impact of your home décor improvements, but it will also help you get a tax break.

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