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Titanic II: The Resurrection of a Dream by Australian Billionaire, Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire, has decided to continue his quest for a perfect ship and launch an ambitious project that will reproduce the legendary Titanic. Although in 1912, the maiden voyage of the ship ended in a disaster with 1,500 people lost at stake six years ago, he first proposed the idea. Although a second launch in 2018 reinstated the plan after an initial failure, it is nothing compared to the current one. Take a look at the Australian’s motives from the press conference at the Sydney Opera House. “It’s much more fun to spend the money than count it – and it would be much more fun to go on a cruise on Titanic II than count it.” With $475 million in mining royalties a year, it seems like Palmer wants to spend money, not make it.

When Palmer first shared his vision of a contemporary Titanic in 2012, it seemed too good to be true. Now, however, delays and doubts have come to the project thanks to fears about the spread of COVID-19. Because ports around the world have started to shut down and passengers are less likely to be willing to face the prospect of being quarantined onboard for two weeks, the multimillion-dollar project sits on hold.

In addition, Palmer has been entangled in lawsuits against state and federal governments, as well as running for office. With the pandemic in retreat and cruises departing once more, Palmer feels the time is right to revive his Titanic dream. The specifications of Titanic II are largely the same as before, with changes to meet modern standards. Palmer is seeking tenders and says he hopes to award a contract to a shipbuilder by the end of the year, with construction beginning in the first quarter of 2025. The yards will be European shipbuilders because, as Palmer puts it, ‘you can’t trust the Chinese to build it right.’

During the event, Palmer gave away a video that lasted for eight minutes and displayed how the ship was structured and designed. The passengers will be asked to put on clothes from the early 1900s, but it will not be obligatory. The copy ship will have a width of about 269 meters by 32. 2 meters wider than the original. It will comprise nine decks and 835 cabins with a total capacity of 2,345 passengers. First-class passengers will occupy almost fifty percent of the cabins, while those in third class will share dining rooms just like in Titanic.

The Titanic story still interests people up to now one century afterwards. This tragedy gave rise to the famous movie “Titanic” directed by James Cameron and caused many curious visitors at the wreck. A year before last in June tragedy happened in one of the missions to reach the wreck: a submersible imploded and five passengers died.

Palmer sees Titanic II as an emblem of peace and harmony between different countries. “We all know how to make war. We get armies, and we fund wars. People know about that. But it is a lot harder to make peace,” he said. This billionaire expects that the ship will promote peace and be a symbol of global unity.

Nevertheless, Palmer is determined to overcome all obstacles and continue working on his project of Titanic II. “Millions have dreamt of sailing on her, seeing her in port, and experiencing her unique majesty. Titanic II will be the ship where those dreams come true,” Palmer said.


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