Why Choose Data Science as Your Career?

Data science has grown to prominence as a game-changing technology that everyone seemed to be discussing. While many people aspire to be Data Scientists, it is necessary to assess the advantages and disadvantages of data science to provide a realistic picture. In this post, we’ll go through these issues in-depth and give you the knowledge you need regarding Data Science.

The Top Five Reasons You Should Consider a Data Science Career

1.     Demand for Data scientists

The data analytics industry is forecast to treble in size in terms of worldwide I.T. investment shortly, but no time range for how much is expected to shift in the future can be supplied. Employers and employees who can use and analyze data of any size – Everyone is seeking employees who have the knowledge and capacity to grasp and express data, as well as others who can present results to management in a useful manner that benefits the company.

2.    Career Growth and Salaries

Everyone is yearning for a new data scientist, as well as a mid-level and advanced data scientist, with all job roles for the latter becoming even more scarce. As the IT industry prepares to take the next step on the learning curve, many middle-level managers and professionals in a variety of fields are finding their careers stagnate as a result. In the face of negative job growth and recessions, it is vital to retain knowledgeable employees.

3.    Work Options

Additionally, as a data scientist, you have the flexibility to work in any place or region of the world. Finding work would not be difficult. Apart from using research in business, the most common usage for data scientists in these many diverse businesses is likely to be in the disciplines of sales and marketing, as well as public relations, as those are the sectors employing the most data scientists. Data scientists might work for the government or a non-profit organization.

4.    Experience Factor

Companies are also unable to find an established data scientist at this point of expansion, which means they are open to all types of data scientists. According to a poll, 40% of commercial data scientists have less than 5 years of experience, and 69 percent have less than 10 years of experience.

5.    Lack of Ease and Competition in finding a Job

Because it is such a new subject, data scientists are scarce. The experience levels of entry-level and higher-level data scientists might vary by many years. Look no further if you’re seeking a way to boost your career. As a result, skilled data scientists are in short supply in the sector. It’s straightforward to look for jobs in the data science field.

The Big Three Jobs in Data Science: Data Analyst, Data scientist, and Data Engineer

1.     Data Analyst

Average salary: $75,068 (plus an average $2,500 yearly cash bonus)


Although this position is sometimes referred to as “entry-level” in the data science sector, this does not imply that all data analysts are newcomers. The primary responsibility of a data analyst is to analyze business or business data and report findings to other divisions. The data analyst may be asked to examine revenue data from a recent marketing effort to identify its benefits and drawbacks. It would have to look at the data, possibly clean it up, and then do statistical research to answer the key business issues and provide the results.

2.    Data Scientist

Average salary: $121,674 (plus stock options)


Because they’re commonly referred to be data scientists, they normally perform the same tasks as data analysts. Machine learning technologies are typically used by these data scientists to produce exact predictions based on previous observations. Because their data is maintained, data scientists have more freedom to evaluate theories and conduct experiments on them. Data is not limited by resource limits. Because it helps them to identify new patterns and phenomena more easily, that data is more flexible.

3.    Data Engineer

Average salary: $129,609 (plus an average $5,000 yearly cash bonus)


A data engineer is in charge of the organization’s data technology. They have a considerably lower requirement for data processing, thus they must learn a lot more programming. The data engineer’s job at a company with a data team and a data pipeline are to make the pipelines accessible and responsive to departments in the many analytics areas, such as marketing and research and development. They may also be in charge of building and retrieving facilities for keeping and recovering old records.


Data science not only aids firms in making better decisions but also aids them in spotting new opportunities. Data science is also supporting organizations in gaining a better understanding of their customers to better serve them. Data Scientists are modern-day superheroes that collect, cleanse, and organize data using their particular skills.

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