Why are Security Camera Systems Indispensable for Your Business?

The safety and protection of your business depend on your use of security cameras and video surveillance systems. The need for commercial security camera systems for businesses has increased immensely in the current social atmosphere.

The general safety of your belongings and those working for you is fundamentally important. Particularly if you run an SMB or small or medium-sized business, you are bound to be concerned about the physical safety of your property and staff at your business place.

One of the market’s most widely known and sold types of surveillance is CCTV monitoring. There are more than 25 million CCTV cameras used across the globe. Adapting to real-time preventative measures such as CCTV monitoring could prevent the bulk of burglaries in businesses.

This article examines the importance of commercial security camera systems and their benefits for businesses.

An overview of installing video surveillance in a commercial setting

Whether you own an organization with commercial properties, including retail stores or office spaces, carefully examining the comprehensive and integrated security solutions is a must. Commercial security camera systems with CCTVs are easy to maintain and notice even when not in use.

CCTVs are significantly more affordable than many other security measures. The cameras don’t require any changes to your current infrastructure and may be installed wherever you choose.

While the market is flooded with numerous commercial security camera systems, the clarity, resolution, coverage angle, and infrared availability for clear night-time capturing are some of the most crucial considerations.

You must also know that while CCTV cameras are generally designed for video monitoring, preventing theft, and similar activities, they can come in handy in improving the staff’s productivity and efficiency.

Reasons for your business to get a commercial video surveillance system

Improved recording techniques and advanced technology are included in commercial security camera systems to assist businesses in cutting costs and guarding their possessions. Here are a few factors that indicate the importance of a video surveillance system for your organization.

1 – Enhanced safety for both clients and employees

Commercial security camera systems with high-quality security cameras demonstrate to your clients and staff that you are mindful of their safety and well-being. In order to detect suspicious activity and prevent criminals, you should think about placing CCTV cameras in locations outside of your commercial building, such as the parking lots, to protect the well-being and safety of your clients and staff.

Thus, the system can monitor isolated spaces inside your property to keep them safe and free from unwanted activities.

2 – Averting robberies and thefts

Numerous small businesses suffer yearly financial losses of many thousands of dollars due to burglaries, arson, robberies, and other offenses. Additionally, companies must establish a system for commercial video surveillance, given the US’s over 275 million incidences of theft each year. Additionally, many non-retail organizations also experience theft in the form of corporate and intellectual property loss.

The majority of the time, employees are to blame for such thefts. Knowing that there are security cameras can act as a deterrent. Consequently, corporate video surveillance systems discourage employees and foster a safer workplace.

3 – Monitor the property in real-time

One of the biggest advantages of video monitoring using commercial security camera systems is that it allows you to access the footage in real time. To make the most out of this real-time video monitoring, you can hire an individual to be available on-site and monitor the footage for you.

But the recent advancements in the CCTV industry now allow you to monitor CCTV footage even from your mobile devices and distant computer.

While making sure all the security cameras are capturing the output, it is also possible to view video from different cameras and angles on a single screen.

4 – Combat sexual harassment

Even after positioning strict laws, workplace sexual harassment is a major issue in many countries. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission alone received about 7,500 complaints in the US in 2012, leading to a settlement of nearly $43 million in the plaintiffs’ favor. Installing surveillance cameras not only acts as a powerful deterrent and safeguards the staff in the workplace, but it can also ensure such heinous crimes are caught on tape. During the trial, such CCTV evidence can also assist you in developing a solid case against the assailant.

5 – Credible source for forensic evidence

If a crime occurs on or near your commercial property, video surveillance evidence may be useful. Evidence from commercial security camera systems could be presented in court and used to identify criminals. Video evidence is often vital to trial outcomes.

Final thoughts

Video monitoring and commercial security camera systems are essential for your company’s security and safety. Even while the ethics of business surveillance is still arguable, it is undeniable that having them on site increases security for not just you but also your customers, partners, and staff.

Hawkeye Security and Electronics have years of expertise in providing top-notch surveillance solutions to residential and commercial users.

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