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Complete Guide To Build Postmates Clone App With Business & Revenue Model

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for alternative ways to keep business growing or for new startups? If yes, then building a postmates clone app is the best alternative to boost your growth.

It has become essential for businesses to shift online, especially after the Covid-19. Fortunately, there are very useful apps like Postmates available. Ideally, on-demand delivery platforms are serving users, customers, and suppliers.

As per a survey, on-demand delivery services are increasing drastically with each passing year, it’s predicted to grow by the rate of 20% annually. The successes of these on-demand delivery platforms are inspiring.

We all have a busy lifestyle, and this resulted in the increasing popularity of varied on-demand delivery apps around the world. With the entry of food delivery apps like Postmates, Zomato, Uber-eats, DoorDash, and far more into the image, the on-demand delivery marketplace has drastically transformed also.

With the technology freak, food delivery apps are on rising nowadays. People are inspired by the food delivery business via industries like UberEats, Postmates, and plenty more. But why prefer postmates out of all?

This blog is for you to make your own food delivery app, and developing an app like Postmates may boost profitability.

What is Postmates?

Launched within the year 2011, Postmates is one of the foremost popular online delivery services in the USA. Although the bulk of its work stems from on-demand food delivery, the corporate also possesses partnerships with various businesses in retail, supermarket, etc.

Postmates is an on-demand delivery service that can deliver you anything, you want at your doorstep, at your preferred time. Whether it is food from a local restaurant, medicines, clothes, alcohol, groceries, or any electronic items, you can order whatever you want. It is like an Uber for anything you want at any time in exchange for fees.

Postmates is now serving customers across all the 50 states of the United States. Postmates has collaborated with more than 6,00,000 local merchants and restaurants. And, postmates have 10 million active users who order around 5 million items every month.

Why Should You Create an App like Postmates?

As per Statista research, the on-demand economy is projected to cross $335 billion by 2025. These on-demand delivery apps offer ease of doing business and it clears the way for expansion.

These on-demand delivery apps provide users convenience and a better experience, and the suppliers get to reach more customers, sales, and profits. The increasing popularity of on-demand delivery apps and their profitability proves it as a win-win investment.

What do postmates deliver?

·       Grocery delivery

·       Food delivery

·       Alcohol delivery

·       Medicine delivery

·       Flower delivery

·       Water delivery

·       Stationary delivery

·       Medical Marijuana delivery

·       Document delivery

And many more services are available.

How does Postmates work?

Postmates bridge the gap between customers and suppliers. And the aim is to complete the delivery as soon as possible.

Searching and Placing Order:  users search the stores listed on Postmates and order whatever they want from the app or the website.

Payment: After placing an order user has to pay for the order, for that, postmates offers secure and hassle-free payment options. The cost is calculated based on what the user has ordered and delivery charges are applied based on the pick-up and drop locations secure payment without any hassle.

Assigning order to a Postmate:  Postmates sends a notification to a delivery person who is nearby the selected store using GPS technology. Then the Postmate would go shopping for the order and deliver it to the user’s location.The aim is to deliver each order in one hour.

Tracking the Order: After order confirmation, the user can monitor the order status from the app. Users can communicate with both the consumers and the delivery persons via call or messages. It helps when there are customizations in the order or delays if any.

Ratings and Reviews: After receiving the order user can rate and review their experience with the postmate.

Postmates ideally Assists 3 Segments:

Consumers: Consumers who want the order to get delivered to their doorstep, and are ready to pay a little more than the actual price for it. For these consumers, Postmates serve 24/7 throughout the year.

Local business owners: local business owners enlist on this platform to add its services. By signing up on this platform these local stores get to expand their customer base, and they can also create their online presence. For this service, local stores have to pay a predetermined share on the final bill, and it costs them way lesser than hiring their delivery person for doorstep delivery.

Delivery persons: Delivery persons/Postmates work for the company on their desired schedule. Out of the total delivery charges, 80% goes to these delivery agents. The more orders they deliver, the more commission they can earn.

The Revenue model of postmates:

Source: Freepik

Delivery Charges: Postmates charges a small fee for delivery for every order delivered, these delivery charges are starting from as low as $5. Postmates gets 20% Out of the total delivery charge received per order, while the delivery guys receive the rest.

Small Cart Fees:  Postmates clone app charges about $1.99 as small cart charges for orders below $12. It helps to retain those consumers who make smaller purchases.

Convenience Charges:  another source of revenue for the postmates is Convenience charges, it is charged at 9% per order. And Postmates keeps all of it. While this fee doesn’t have any fixed limit, users are ready to pay it due to the on-demand supply of their purchases.

Merchant commission: Postmates charges local stores a specific percentage on the bill amount, which is a consistent revenue source for the postmates.

Subscription: Postmates has created a subscription plan, Postmates Unlimited, which is a subscription-based membership service. It allows users to be paid members by paying $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year. The subscribed members will get benefits, such as unlimited free deliveries for orders above $12 and zero surge pricing or small cart fees.

With this revenue model, Postmates has generated 500 million $ in revenue in 2019 and 880 million $ in 2020. Besides the business and revenue model, it’s also important to know what makes this app outperform. Below are listed the essential features that you just will build your app like Postmates.


Who will get benefit from the postmates clone app?

·    Small and middle-size enterprise

·    Startups

·    Stand-Alone stores

·    Multiple store owners

·    Logistic companies

What are the Features of Postmates?

Features for users:

·       Deliver anything anywhere

·       Payment integration            

·       Quick search

·       Order tracking

·       Feedback and ratings

·       Customer support

·       Low courier fees

·       Easy Customization

Features for suppliers:

·   Management of offerings

·   Easy Management Of Categories

·   Discounts and offer management

·   Payment management

·   Technical assistance

Features for Delivery persons:

·   Route optimization through GPS

·   Cancel/Accept Order request

·   In-app chat

·   Push notifications

·    Income reports

Why Postmates Clone App is best for you?

If you are an entrepreneur, who is looking for alternative ways to keep business growing or for new startups then you can choose this app. Due to the following reasons

·   User-friendly features

·   Frequent update

·   24/7 support

·   High return

·   Advanced features

·   Regular maintenance


Now you have an idea of how on-demand delivery business models like Postmates work and earn huge profits. This model is incredibly useful for nearly all delivery businesses. The delivery business is increasing with each passing year thus, it is beneficial to invest in advance. To build your on-demand delivery system like Postmates next step is to get a good development team, who can make your ideas a reality. Whitelabelfox is one of the leading and experienced app development companies that provide fully customized app solutions for your on-demand business. Contact us to build your fully customized on-demand delivery system like Postmates.


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