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16 Best Design System Examples That You Need To Know

The phrase “single source of truth” is widely used to describe design systems.

That’s because they make it easier for internal teams to adhere to standards or norms when working on shared projects. In addition, online examples on any subject have become so easy as technology advances, whether you want design example help or media law assignment help

Contribution of Design Systems

A consistent user experience is created by combining various features, components, and patterns. Additionally, it makes it possible for teams to scale their products efficiently. As a result, design systems can save teams a ton of time. A lot of businesses are open to sharing their design methods. In actuality, Apple, Cisco, and Uber want you to steal from them.

Defining Design System 

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, a design system provides a comprehensive set of standards to enable designs to be managed at scale. If you struggle with understanding the proper design system assignment structure, you can seek AGLC Referencing Examples to help yourself! 

Now, let’s take a glance at design system examples:


By giving customers access to its guiding principles, tools, and implementations, Adobe’s design system Spectrum seeks to improve the coherence of its products. Resources include: 

  • UI kits
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Adobe XD plugins

Spectrum also features open-source applications with thorough usage instructions.


According to Apple’s website, the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) tools are intended to assist you in creating great user experiences for any Apple platform. Its broad principles include inclusion rules that can help you comprehend how people could react to the information and experiences you produce. 

One of HIG’s patterns, onboarding, enables you to design quick, delightful experiences without giving consumers a tonne of data to retain. With HIG’s button design tools, you can create easily identifiable and simple buttons to comprehend, giving the app a sense of intuitiveness and creativity.


Through its ability to:

  • Design
  • Create
  • Delivery

Atlassian hopes to provide a one-stop shop for design teams. According to Atlassian’s website, its IT service management platform enables businesses to centralise customer requests as they arrive, manage, and track them with its configurable help centres and embeddable widgets. In addition, the Australian company’s Atlassian Design System provides content and guidelines on basic style principles and component and pattern libraries.


According to the automaker, Audi Design System also provides a complete design system that includes everything from “Getting Started” manuals to fundamental elements that are meant to be incorporated into each product. 

With its standardised elements, design interactions, and patterning, Audi’s design system strives to improve user experience and establish a single source of truth for product teams.


Media mogul, through its Global Experience Language, BBC offers its design philosophy. Its design approach ranges from foundational concepts like using motion to create a relationship with a product to design patterns like accordions, which provide a vertical list of headers that users can interact with to expose or hide the content within them. 

According to the media behemoth, BBC’s Global Experience Language offers how-to advice on topics like customising UX research to produce insights for persuasive website copy.


Forget about being given a set of standards and guidelines for utilising and creating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code.

Instead, BuzzFeed makes available its CSS style manual, Solid. According to a post on BuzzFeed’s website, design teams can swiftly prototype and create features with Solid without needing to add more CSS code. It also provides specific universally reusable HTML and CSS components.


To boost your website’s performance with Webex products, use Cisco’s Momentum Design System. Providing building blocks for all of Webex’s products with tokens, components, iconography, and personality provides a means to establish a common design language. For instance, Cisco explains under its tokens that Webex uses type to provide a visual hierarchy through style, weight, and colour to promote communication efforts.


GitLab openly acknowledged that the Pajamas Design System is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, the open-source design system includes UI components for everything Gitlab, including its Figma UI kit, which enables users to build designs in Figma and then transfer them to GitLab. It also offers brand and product design guidelines.


With the help of its Goldman Sachs Design System, investment banking behemoth Goldman Sachs provides access to its design to teams working on institutional finance websites. Its components, for instance, can assist design teams in developing currency buttons and email and document download options from financial websites. 

According to Goldman Sachs, its design system additionally provides a UI colour palette under its colour system, which can aid colour-blind users in differentiating between different data points by having different colours for diverse datasets.


Ironically, if you search for “design systems” on Google, you won’t find Material Design on the first page of the results, but if you want to include Google products in your design, it’s worth the effort to find it. 

The use of numerous components and how to alter them are both demonstrated by Material Design. In addition to the standard services, Google noted that Material Design offers users iconography and training for developers and unifies UI and UX across many platforms, devices, and input methods.


According to IBM’s website, the IBM Design Language is the cornerstone of Big Blue’s open-source IBM Carbon Design System. The design system keeps design kits with Carbon components thanks to a vibrant contributor community. Some design kits provided and maintained by Carbon include Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, while the community maintains the Axure kit.


According to Mailchimp, its pattern library, which goes beyond colour and font to incorporate data visualisation and a grid system, delivers a comprehensive design framework. Additionally available are buttons, lists, and navigational tools.


 According to Microsoft’s website, the Fluent Design System provides foundations for designers and developers to build engaging experiences with accessibility, internationalisation, and performance. Platform choices for design teams range from iOS to Android.


With its marketplace of cloud-based CRM apps, Salesforce claims that users may utilise its Lightning Design System to connect them with a unified appearance and experience. 

The core of its design system is component blueprints, tokens, design standards, and tools. In addition, ARIA specs and recommendations are included, allowing you to develop a system that can swiftly scale as your business expands and construct a website that end users with disabilities can access.


The Fiori Design Guidelines from enterprise software giant SAP are intended to assist design teams in producing enterprise apps. That includes a user interface modelled after consumer products, according to SAP. 

Fiori’s principles and tools make it simple for teams to create and modify their own apps to be compatible with SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions.


Searching for a design system to assist you in developing an e-commerce website? See Shopify’s Polaris design system if you want to sell products there.

According to Shopify, it provides:

  • A component library
  • Information on fundamental design principles
  • Recommendations for creating a positive customer experience for merchants

Wrapping up,

Having some of the top design system examples in the entire world given in one location, together with relevant articles, tools, and instructions, is undoubtedly something that may inspire and drive you to begin developing your system and gain a lot from it.

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