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Different Programs Available at U of A Online

As there has been an increase in the number of institutions extending their franchise toward online classes, the world-class university of Alabama has also developed towards online learning. U of A Online comes with a great opportunity if you have wanted to complete your degree but have yet to be able due to unforeseen circumstances.

The university has many choices for its students. The university presents over 90 degrees across many levels and disciplines. Better yet, they are available in many formats.

If your career has been stagnant for quite some time, an online degree is a great way to boost your career. One of the great benefits of attaining an online degree from a university is that you will not require to make any significant changes in your life. Therefore you can carry forward with your regular life; all you will need to do is make time for class.

The excellent faculty of intuition will assist you during your journey and make sure that you efficiently follow through with your learning process. You will be presented with detailed study material and personalized lectures that you can complete on your own schedule. Learning has never been more convenient.

Here is the list of amazing programs at the university:

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Arts)

If you have wanted to study criminology and criminal justice, now is a marvelous time. Attain your Bachelor’s degree fromU of A Online. Completing this degree will help you broaden your career possibilities and balance your life with work and other responsibilities.

You will now be able to deepen your understanding of the legal system and further focus on the research and the theory section. All the courses in this format are flexible, and you can take them conveniently.

A few of the classes in this program include corrections, judicial process, and law and society. When you strong-arm your career with this degree, you can find several doors of opportunities, such as law enforcement, corrections, private and corporate security, compliance, and legal and investigative services.

  • Advertising (Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences)

Advertising in today’s world is a strong and powerful business strategy. The University of Alabama will assist you in learning several key and important strategies that are related to advertising. It will enlighten you about several necessary skills that are related to the field of advertising.

You will gain all these skills from highly experienced professionals in the field. The curriculum of this program helps you learn the best practices of advertising.

  • Communication Studies (Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences)

This program teaches students essential critical skills that are necessary to evaluate social issues, express opinions, and also assume a position that is responsible for attaining leadership in the democratic world.

Negotiations, cooperation, and mutual understanding are the pillars of achieving a successful relationship at work. The students pursuing this program will learn all the essential theoretical foundations of critical thinking, speaking skills, and necessary research tools for any cultural content.

  • Public Relations with a Concentration in Digital Communication (Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences)

In recent times the field of digital marketing has taken over the world of public relations. This prestigious program of the University of Alabama will teach students how to create persuasive messages over several digital platforms. They will also teach the students to build awareness and integration and increase stakeholder engagement.

The curriculum of this program will help the students to understand the digital and social media landscapes. It will also help the students understand how to perform and conduct any research that will help measure the program’s needs.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science)

This is a new kind of degree that the University of Alabama facilitates. This program will follow a broad curriculum that will give you the choice of either going forward with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.

 This will present all the students with an innovative and novel learning experience combining lessons in many subjects.

Finishing Lines

If you have been planning for quite some time to boost your career, now is the time. U of A Onlinehas come up with unique online learning experiences. The University of Alabama Online provides a wide category of degrees to its students. You can choose a degree that interests you and attain that to help you boost your career.


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