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Things you need to know About Tenncare Suboxone treatment

The treatment for opioids through Suboxone is a game-changer for substance abuse patients. Addiction is powerful enough to ruin your life and take you off track. However, with the TennCare Suboxone treatmentand therapies, recovery is possible. The thin film is placed between the gum and cheeks or under your tongue for treatment. With the dissolving medicine, it creates a similar effect as opioids. It connects to the same brain receptors as opioids to prevent and blocks their addictive qualities to prevent abuse.

Uses of this treatment in Tennessee using Tenncare

The treatment of Suboxone is FDA-approved. However, on regulations and conditions, the treatment is used. Furthermore, the American Society of Addiction recommends using the Suboxone treatment for opioids in addiction centers in Tennessee. Moreover, the validation of physicians is that the use of Suboxone can help the addicted people of Tennessee to recover fully. Suboxone is often used in addiction centers to withdraw and detoxify opioids in the system. However, the detoxification program is generally for inpatient treatment for patients going through withdrawal.

Things you need to know about the treatment

If you are struggling with opioid addiction and substance abuse, you may be skeptical and curious about this treatment. There are many misconceptions people have about Suboxone. One of these is that Suboxone has great potential for abuse. However, the euphoria that Suboxone creates is lower than any other opioid because of its antagonist ingredient Naloxone. The ingredient creates Suboxone’s “ceiling effect,” which limits the amount that can be absorbed by the brain. This lowers the potential for abuse and overdose.

Another misconception is that Suboxone is just a replacement for another drug, which is incorrect. Suboxone is, in the literal sense, a drug. But it is not merely an opioid that is swapped in for other opioids. In fact, it is generally used with medication-assisted treatment, which uses talk therapy to help patients recover.

Purpose of this treatment

Anyone can see how many people in our society are addicted to drugs, and the number is drastically increasing. According to a survey on drug abuse and health reports, more than 19 million Americans are drug addicts who fight their cravings each day. Unfortunately, with the growing number, Tennessee is no better with its rising number of drug addicts. The purpose of the treatment is to reduce the number of death cases from opioids. To mitigate the issues, the government is trying to give out Suboxone treatment in Tennessee.

 The government of Tennessee is taking action to reduce the number of cases and get a better outcome for the people. According to the reports of the government, in 2018, there were over 1300 fatal cases. Further, the nonfatal ones were 16,363 as per Tennessee.

Furthermore, after seeing the increasing number of cases in Tennessee, the government reviewed and revised the plan of rehabilitation to get better outcomes for the patients of Tennessee. However, many controversies about the medication cause unfaithfulness towards the treatment. But, still, the medication proved to be a success for patient recovery.

Regulations of Tenncare treatment

It is unlikely and difficult for a patient to overdose on Suboxone. The function of the drug is to create the same effect as opioids for the brain receptors without producing the same euphoric feeling of being high. Hence, it helps reduce the patient’s desire to get high. However, safety measures and guidelines for patients and addicts ensure regulations for additional safety. According to them, the ideal candidate for Suboxone treatment meets the following criteria:

  • They get dignification with the symptoms of opioid or alcohol addiction
  • No conflicts shall arise with the use of buprenorphine
  • Follow the safety precautions with willingness

Coverage of the treatment


We know that addiction can devastate families and lives. However, the cure is possible with Tenncare Suboxone treatment by Cooperative Recovery. You can book an appointment today and ask about their medication-assisted treatments. Further, they are the best in the field with Suboxone treatment and substance abuse counseling. Book today.

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