Grow Your Business to Next Level with Handyman App like Uber

In Today’s world, there’s a become trend to book online services through mobile apps. In the market, nearly all the businessmen demand to introduce the higher technique that helps them boost business operations and earn profits. In the technology world, the on-demand handyman app may be a profit-making alternative throughout this competitive age. If you have got have skills to home repair and maintenance skills, you can choose a handyman app like uber. This article is to understand the must-have options list, development prices, and more.

In the last 5 years, the handyman business is estimated to increase and reach $1 billion. In the research of the handyman and tradesman franchise business industry generates revenues of $881.9 million, with profits totaling $418.9 million. In 2009 the experienced growth is 3.2%, while annual growth is set to chug at 2.2% per year.

The full-featured handyman app is right for every task starting from managing to expand your business. The main reason for developing a mobile app is to form people’s lives easier.  Also, the handyman app conjointly helps to grow your business ahead of its competitors.

What is Handyman – How You can be able to Be ready to Start Offering On-Demand Services?

The handyman is one type of person responsible for performing services like home chores, maintenance, installations, repairs, particularly around the workplace or home. Many handyman service providers use the pen and paper method to perform and schedule the worker’s tasks.

When traditionally managing and finishing tasks is a long task and it affects business productivity. Therefore businesses need a handyman app to enhance their business productivity and efficiency. It also helps to avoid handling everything traditionally.

Using a handyman app like uber you can list out the different types of services under one roof. It is very helpful to customers to get all those tasks are completed systematically.

What is an On-Demand Handyman App Like Uber and the way will it Work?

On-Demand Handyman Application is one type of digital solution that connects services businesses with customers. Everyone can book any service and obtain all their daily chores completed by the expert. For example, This is identical to food ordering through apps like UberEats, in the app stores download the handyman application, list out the services, and acquire your work done at your convenience.

Mobility has created it easier for you to look out for service suppliers, book services, and pay through the foremost well-liked payment gateways. Explore the operation flow of an on-demand handyman app to know how it works to offer the best service ever.

  • Users will explore the list of services and service providers to book the one they really need.
  • Service providers are notified regarding the request and they can choose an accept or reject it at their convenience.
  • Once they are accepting the request, they get complete info regarding the customer’s location.
  • Service provider reaches customer’s location to offer service.
  • Customers pay for the service and provide reviews and ratings for the service they get the enjoy.

You can provide services like electrocution, plumbing, or the other,  the handyman app is the most suitable choice to decide on. It is provided magnificent flexibility and makes the easier for you to provide an adequate experience to your customers.

Benefits of Uber-Like App for Handyman Business

A handyman business is a profitable business and a pathway to larger enterprises. It’s the foremost effective alternative for a talented skilled able to strike out on their own. Taking your home service business online can give you various advantages like:

  • Save money, time, and effort.
  • Provides real-time opportunities.
  • Through the handyman app, the service providers can work as per their convenience and schedule.
  • The digitalized solution helps to expand to businesses and grow their business within the market.
  • Providers will get their funds transferred additional quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Create strong customer relationships.
  • Have an eye on all the activities.

There are a lot of additional advantages when you opt to operate your business via an on-demand handyman application. One of the biggest advantages of the handyman app is that it helps to bring maximum engagement. It helps you produce a unique business presence within the market quickly.

Features Of Handyman App Development

When providing on-demand services through the app is completely profitable. Hence, several businesses opt better to develop advanced solutions, helping them make great money. However, to face out from the competitors and hook additional customers, your app should have top-notch features. The following features for the handyman app:

In-app Chat

This feature is crucial, particularly after you are trying to work smoothly. It ensures hassle-free communication between service suppliers and customers; the application chat options assist you to eliminate all the ambiguities between each party.

Order History

Transparency is key to success! The order history makes it easier for users to explore all the data and history relating to their previous orders. It makes it easier for users to book identical services while not effort.

Accept or Reject Request

When customers place the request for service, service providers are notified relating the same. Once they get the notification,  they will accept or reject the service request at their convenience.

Secure Payment Gateway 

Providing online payment options is necessary. Integrate an advance payment gateway choice to a handyman application like Uber so that the payment transactions area unit is easier. Providing fully completely different gateways helps you to develop a trustworthy relationship together with your customers.

Real-time Tracking

The handyman business app should have the selection to trace the service provider. Providing this feature helps you and your ideal customers track the precise location of a service supplier and recognize ETA as well.

Full-Featured handyman apps provide you to produce outstanding service for your business. Besides this, it conjointly makes it easier for you to provide the best services and convey more business.

Cost to Develop a Handyman App Like Uber?

The cost of developing an on-demand handyman service app depends on various factors. These features include:

  • Features included
  • Chose platform
  • Integrate additional services
  • Selected technology

However, you need to provide complete project information to have a precise and detailed amount estimation. Every mobile application has 3 modules, the following is includes:

  • Customers
  • Service provider
  • Admin


Getting a talented handyman is something that each person expects thanks to their busy schedule. For example, if any one person wants to shift their home and wants to some few things changed, so they need the help of a plumber, electrician, and more.  So they find the app that helps them hire professionals, and an on-demand handyman app like Uber is the best option.


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