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Playworks – Australia’s Commercial Playground Equipment Suppliers Since 1984

Designing, manufacturing and selling a broad range of playground equipment for the outdoor recreation industry can require expertise in many areas. Playworks designs installs and maintains recreation projects in urban spaces.From concepts and design to construction, manufacture, and final handover.We work closely with you throughout the project, providing guidance and support so that you get the best possible outcome.

The success of Councils, Property Developers, Educational Institutions and other community organisations is testament to the value of an inclusive approach. We look forward to working with you on your project.

Community infrastructure, such as commercial outdoor furniture and amenities – can attract businesses to the streetscape. Playworks commercial playground equipment supplier provides innovative, Australian-made solutions for community asset managers responsible for public spaces.

A specific design

Do you already have a specific design in mind for your future playground area? Are you looking to make use of certain colours or themes as part of the process?

We create custom playgrounds and play spaces that are designed around your specifications. We create custom playground designs that match the Australian environment and implement them full scale. Our local in-house team are experts at building playground equipment that suits Australian conditions.

Playworks offers a wide variety of bespoke playscapes to suit any setting. Each range is manufactured with play elements, values and materials designed to appeal the specific theme or aesthetic you desire. We offer playground equipment with many different features and functions, which can be enjoyed by multiple children at one time.

Our play products serve as a central gathering point, tying in all other play equipment together and attracting children to interact with one another.

All commercial playgrounds are designed on a modular platform of building blocks that allows you to work with us and add, alter or remove various play elements depending on the setting and budget.

Explore our website to find the piece of play equipment that best fits your playground space.

It’s not uncommon to see a school’s playground as you approach. Traditionally made of steel and plastic, these play spaces have become faded and an unattractive sight within the backdrop of their schools’ architecture.

Playgrounds can provide a stunning feature that attracts new families, particularly excited students eager to play and explore. Physical, and developmental growth opportunities can be offered through play and adventure courses. Unique playgrounds allow students to build confidence and experience new challenges.

Projects are more likely to succeed if the right people and resources are engaged at the earliest possible stage. Playworks has been getting children’s playgrounds right since 1984. Our years of successful project delivery experience mean that we can help you undertake the complexities of detailed design documentation, keeping budgets and site parameters in mind.

When you purchase our play equipment, you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality. A durable playground that’s easy to clean and maintain will provide years of enjoyment for all the children that use it.

Our commercial playgrounds are designed to be low maintenance. Given their superior quality, repairs due to wear and tear are infrequent—but when they do occur, we can quickly inspect the site and get it up and running again quickly.

Most adults remember their school recess times with fondness. Opportunities to set aside the constraints of academic life and enjoy some unstructured playtime before returning to the classroom have special meaning for many people.

Today’s children spend so much time indoors that they don’t have as much time to play outside. Because of video games, TV and other activities, children are spending less time playing outside. This can have a negative impact on their development. Playgrounds are an important place for children to be themselves, express their creativity and develop crucial social skills.


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