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Lipo Laser Treatment- All You Need To Know About The Weight Loss Treatment

Lipo Laser treatment is a non-invasive method to achieve weight loss goals. It is ideal for removing the stubborn fats that do not go away with exercise or dieting.

Lipo laser is much more effective, painless, and yields faster outcomes than its counterpart and invasive treatment, liposuction. Liposuction was used as a traditional method for fast weight loss and to get the ideal body. It includes cuts and other surgical procedures leaving marks on the body.

Lipolaser has always been the favorite alternative for people who want to lose weight in a much healthier way than liposuction.

There Area Lipo Laser Treatment Work On-

All of the body areas can be treated with lipo laser treatment, but it is especially effective for the areas that store the concrete fat. Concreate fat is hard to lose with just exercise and dieting. It takes lots of time and patience to go away. But lipo laser treatment is perfect for dealing with concrete fat. Some of the areas that it treats are-

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Waistline
  • Arms
  • Under chin


Lipo laser uses the laser to shrink the fat cells. The laser penetrates the hard fat cells. But it leaves their neighboring tissues untouched, leaving no harm to them.

It starts with penetrating the few inches under your skin and then targeting the membrane of the fat cells. It creates a tiny hole in the membrane of the cells. The whole process forces the cells to release the fatty acids and glycerol and ultimately shrink.

Once the process is done, the body then flushes out the expelled fat through the urinary tracts. The lipo laser treatment does not put extra stress on the body and provides you with instant outcomes.

Time The Treatment Takes-

The treatment needs to repeat at certain times to complete the process. Overall it can be from 20 to 30 of the process depending on the body area. Depending on the fat and the treatment can also include more than one sittings to see the best results.

A certified aesthetician should decide the frequency of the treatment, timing, and after treatment work and diet schedule.


Results can be seen right after the therapy as the treatment does not include any surgical cuts or destroying the fat cells. Rather it works on emptying the cells releasing the fatty acids to be thrown out of the body.

However, to maintain the results, a good and healthy diet needs to be followed because cells are fully capable of storing the fat again.

Don’ts After The Treatment-

  •  Alcoholic beverages and sugars should be avoided strictly to retain the treatment results.
  • For a couple of days, limit the activities.
  • Use compression garments as per the recommendation of the aesthetician.
  • Follow a healthy diet plan and exercise routine post-treatment.

Eligibility For The Treatment-

Lipo laser treatment is safe for most people. But it has certain requirements to be performed. However, still, the number of ideal candidates to get the treatment is much less than the traditional liposuction treatment. Because if someone desires to get a drastic weight loss, they need more than one sittings, and treatment will take time. But, it will be right, if

  • The candidate has only 20 to 25 pounds over their ideal weight and has good skin elasticity.

How Does It Feel During The Treatment?

The candidate will receive the anesthesia before the procedure, which helps to keep the targeted area numb. The time that treatment will take will depend on the laser used for the treatment. I-Lipo laser device contains 30 laser diodes to perform the treatment. At the same time, Zerona contains 5 diodes and slowly hovers over the skin to perform the treatment. I-Lipo takes much less time compared to the Zerona.

Depending on the area targeted by the area, I-Lipo can be a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, Zerona feels pleasant. Post-treatment candidates can feel soreness in the treatment target area. But, it will fade away a short while after the treatment.

Benefits Of The Lipo Laser Treatment- 

These are some major benefits that the treatment offers-

Free To Surgery Recovery Time-

Because lipo laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure, candidates need no surgery recovery time. According to the treatment and the candidate’s physical condition, they might need to take a rest from work or any chores for a couple of days. But after that, they can normally take over to their regular schedule. So, it will impose no hardship on the regular life of the candidates.

No Side Effects-

Invasive treatment can bring some really serious side effects, such as infections. But with, lipo laser treatment does not cause any major side effects. In some cases, the candidate can feel the tightness and numbness in the treatment targeted area, but these are often not considered major side effects and will vanish after some days.

Do Not Leave Marks-

It is one of the biggest reasons lipo laser treatment is widely preferred over liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure. Surgeons have to make some cuts in the particular body area to eliminate the unnecessary fats. Post-surgery the stitches marks will remain on that area. There are treatments to remove the marks from the body. But marks removing procedure will also take time. So, it is always better to avoid them.

Help To Get Rid Of The Sagging Skin-

Skin becomes saggy after losing skin elasticity over time and sometimes because of the sun. The treatment promotes collagen, which is protein to help skin stay tighter and healthier after the procedure. Candidates will notice a sculpted body, toned area, and contoured outlook.

Where To Buy The Lipo Laser Machine For Sale?

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