Things You Need to Do Before Getting Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

Maybe you have hired the best carpet cleaners to get your carpets done, and are getting the professionals to get them cleaned for you. Whoever you hire, you will need to make preparations before you get the carpets looking like a million bucks again.

We provide you with some ideas on how to prepare the areas so the professionals can get to work right away. Things like decluttering the work area, managing your pets so that they don’t get in the way, covering the walls,  and some other tips to get the most out of the cleaning.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t just get rid of visible stains from your carpets; it also improves how your house smells. The cleansers and mild detergents that the cleaners use on your carpet add sparkle and fragrance to the carpet, leaving the room smelling great.

After the carpets have been cleaned thoroughly, we must allow ample time to dry off the flooring. Placing large furniture items and drapes over the damp carpet could result in an unpleasant damp odor, which should be avoided.

We shall discuss some important things you need to do before the cleaners arrive to sort out your carpets. However, let us begin by listing some of the benefits of carpet cleaning.

Why you should get your carpet cleaning regularly

Improves the life of your carpet: An important benefit of cleaning the carpets is that it can help extend their carpet life. Over time, carpets get clogged with dirt, debris, dust, allergens, and other contaminants. Cleansing rids the carpet of all impurities and makes them last longer.

Remove stain marks from the carpet: Even the most stubborn stain marks on the carpets can be removed by the cleaning materials used by the carpet cleaners, which leaves the carpets looking fresh and new.

Reduce the effects caused by traffic lanes: Some areas of the carpeting experience considerable foot traffic. Some such areas are hallways, living rooms, kitchens, etc. The effects of usage and wear will be more visible in such areas than those less used, like under the couches and bedrooms. Professional carpet cleaning will restore the carpets’ color and leave them looking as good as new.

Banish bacteria and dirt completely: Vacuum cleaning at home will help eliminate dirt from the surface of the carpets. However, all the dirt and debris embedded deeply within the carpet fibers remain. Professional carpet cleaning can help eradicate dirt and bacteria, as they use powerful suction equipment that pulls out stubborn dirt from deep in the carpet fibers.

Removes mustiness and foul odors: Beverage spills and soiling by pets are common reasons for odors. Carpet that has absorbed urine, coffee, and other messes

 can smell foul. Though coffee smells are pleasant when they are fresh, they turn stale and tough to get rid off when they penetrate deep into the fibers of the rug.

Professional carpet cleaners’ powerful and specialized sanitizing products help eradicate odors.

Now that we have seen the benefits offered by carpet cleaning services, here are the things you need to do before the cleaners come in.

1. Reserve a parking spot

Ensure that your carpet cleaners in Brandenburg have a ready place to park their vehicle when they arrive. If you live in a city, provide them information about street parking in your area in advance.

This will help the cleaning team save time searching for a spot to park and they can get to work immediately.

2. Declutter and shift as much furniture as possible

For a cleaning process to move ahead smoothly, it is better if you have a clear space to work with. Before the professional begins work, remove any items that could cause the workers to trip and fall. Items like bags, shoes, and clutter that we leave normally should be taken away from the area that is due to be cleaned.

Some professional cleaners do not have permission to move the furniture themselves, so make a clear space by removing heavy furniture away from the area. It will also ensure that the furniture items are not damaged, or spilled on.

3. Shield your walls

When hiring a professional carpet cleaning team for the job, you should think about protecting your walls from their heavy equipment. Carpet cleaners can be heavy and bulky, and some have pretty big hoses. So, it would be better to use painter’s tape to mask the areas on the walls where the cords and hoses could leave marks.

4. Hang the curtains high

If the curtains and drapes in the room touch the floor, you should take the time and get them off the floor to avoid them getting wet by resting on the damp carpet after they are cleaned. If you have decided to go all out and get your entire room impeccably cleaned, you can just take the curtains down and put them in the wash. Alternatively, you could enquire with the carpet cleaners who sometimes have attachments that can get curtains and upholstery cleaning for you.

5. Move your pets out

Your fluffy and furry little friends could be adorable, but they shed their fur and hair everywhere. Damp carpets are especially vulnerable to animal hair as they can stick on the carpets.

Before getting the professional cleaners in, move your pets out of the room and ensure that they’re not nervous or scared by the strangers in your home. They could also be distressed by the beeps and whirring that some carpet cleaning machines make while being used.

6. Organize the floor area

For homes with children, it is particularly important to check the room for items left around the area, like toys of all shapes and sizes, craft items, books, etc. Remove every item off the carpet area to avoid small toys that can get sucked away by the powerful suction of carpet cleaning equipment.

7. Use the vacuum

Though not all carpet cleaners would want you to vacuum first, it is a great idea to begin on a clean slate anyway. You can pick the best home vacuum cleaners and use small, measured strokes to remove any pet hair or deep-lying dirt and debris from the carpet. If you remove the dirt and dust from the surface, the carpet cleaner will be able to reach deeper into the carpet fibers for a thorough clean.

8. Talk and ask questions to the carpet cleaning team

A good cleaning team will readily answer all your questions. You might even receive a checklist of things they expect you to do before their arrival. Some firms will charge you for moving heavy furniture or offer discounts if you concentrate only on areas that see high traffic.

Before you prep the carpet or cleaning area, it would be a good idea to talk with the carpet cleaners first.

9. Prepare a post-cleaning strategy

After you get the carpet cleaned, you would need to keep away from the rug for around 24 hours, depending on the type of cleaning you have chosen. Steam cleaning takes far longer than dry powder cleaning, and you would even have to wait before moving the household furniture in place.

Take that into consideration before deciding on the schedule for the carpet cleaning, more so if you wish to prep your house in time for the holidays or an upcoming family event.


Even if you have been doing regular dusting, vacuuming, or DIY shampooing for your carpets, it is best to hire professionals for deep cleaning. Maintaining your carpets and having them professionally cleaned annually can prolong their lifespan, improve their appearance, and contribute to maintaining a healthier home environment.

You can leave most of the major tasks to your team, but there are a few things you can do to help make the day a success. Choosing the best carpet cleaning service in your area will make you feel comfortable and prepared before the big event. Request the company’s preferences for home prep before they arrive and during the consultation process. If you are searching for the best carpet cleaner in Brandenburg, please connect with Windell’s Carpet Care.


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    […] There are several benefits to getting your carpets cleaned professionally. They include removing stubborn stains, eliminating bacteria and dirt, removing bad odors, etc. This article explains what you need to do before professional carpet cleaners arrive to clean the carpets at your home. Doing so will allow the carpet cleaners in Brandenburg to get down to work without wasting time on preparation. Reserving a parking spot for the cleaning team in advance will save them time finding a parking spot. The rooms that need cleaning should be decluttered and the furniture removed from the area. The large cords and hoses from the cleaning equipment could damage the walls of your house. Hence, it would make sense to shield the points on the wall with painter's tape. Curtains should be hung high to avoid contact with damp carpets, and pets should be moved out.  […]

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