Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in Print Management

Most business people know the necessity of efficiently carrying out their primary functions in today’s competitive climate. However, many firms have yet to treat print management with the same seriousness. And mistakes are usually the result of that.

You are already missing out on significant potential if you don’t know what “print management” is. It implies that you haven’t developed an integrated strategy to maximize the business outcomes of all your print and promotional goods endeavors while maximizing your financial savings.

Mistakes in print management can result in delayed projects, higher expenditures, and restless nights. This article lists some common mistakes organizations make when managing their printing projects which can be easily avoided with diligence.

Print management – what is it?

Printing is more than just dots on a page. Information technology professionals must oversee print production, expenses, information security, and end-user printing habits.

Print management is contracting out the printing works to an expert vendor with proven proficiency in the field. It will deliver end-to-end services like final proofing and laser-sharp printing. It will also keep the final printed output in a format as needed so that the client can collect it.

Print management is occasionally mistaken with printer management or document management, which are entirely unrelated concepts focused on desktop printers.

What are the mistakes to avoid in print management?

1 – Unclear specifications

The most common error firms make is failing to precisely define the final specification before placing the order with a printing services provider (or printer). It’s crucial to have exact, constant specifications of what you want to be printed.

After submitting the purchase, changing the specifications may result in additional fees, a later delivery date, or more administrative work.

2 – Artwork provided in incorrect format

If you don’t routinely purchase printed materials, you probably wouldn’t even be aware that printers prefer each artwork page as a separate pdf file. Many printers won’t accept In Design or Quark files; it must be a pdf.

Additionally, if you don’t offer them as single pages, some printers won’t even be able to use them, and others will be slowed down. Your project will proceed more smoothly if you provide your artwork in the required format.

3 – Packing options that are often neglected

It’s easy to put off thinking about packaging alternatives until the very last minute, but doing so can increase the cost of the task, so you must again be very specific about how you want your project packed.

Make sure you have it covered because having your item packed will cost more than delivering on pallets but may be crucial to your warehouse.

4 – Frequent changes to the content

To ensure that nothing went wrong during the processing stage, the customer is typically handed back the final proofs for one last review before production. Modifying the material after viewing these proofs can affect the cost and turnaround time by changing plates or even missing press time slots.

As a result, once a work has been accepted for printing, try to avoid making changes unless they are necessary.

5 – Not maintaining trim line

Make sure everything is at least 5mm inside the page’s edge if you want it to appear on the final printed page. Anything placed too close to the trim line runs the risk of being removed.

For instance, when a book is cut to the final size, the smallest change in the folding could cause the printing matter to extend beyond the edge of the page. It is better to be cautious at all times.

6 – Missing deadlines for providing artwork

Your printing project will likely be delivered after the printing time has moved if you miss the deadline for submitting artwork. Your printing services supplier will inform you of the deadline for final, authorized artwork if you require delivery by a specific time.

Your printer will typically try their best to shift the slot on-press or improve the delivery method if you notify them in advance that you won’t be able to meet the deadline for the artwork (though this could mean you incur an extra cost).


It’s astonishing that businesses still find it challenging to take control of their print management in a cutthroat business environment where organizations compete to keep one step ahead by enhancing daily operations’ efficiency and effectiveness. Maintain your specifications precisely, keep in touch with your printing services supplier, and deliver your artwork in the proper format and on time if you want a high-quality job completed on time and within budget. L&D Mail Masters offers a wide range of reliable custom printing solutions to meet any printing requirements for your business.


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