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Why Should You Care About Buying Fair Trade Gifts This Holiday Season?

Due to the fact that fair trade aims to establish a more equitable exchange and acknowledges the impact colonization had on the global trading system, its products primarily come from producers in South America, Africa, and Asia.

Fairtrade considered this history when it developed its standards and support systems and has worked to change the way trade is conducted so that those most negatively affected by previous injustices have greater control over their futures.

Fairtrade organizations oppose income inequality, defend workers, promote gender equality, oppose child labor, and put the environment first.

This article explores why you should opt for fairtrade gifts this upcoming holiday season.

1 – Grassroots growth – In addition to the price they are paid for their goods, fair trade producers also receive a bonus payment known as the “Fairtrade Premium.” This extra money goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers who typically live in abject poverty and can utilize it to better their social, economic, and environmental circumstances.

Individuals at the grassroots level can invest in the most critical areas for local community development by placing the funds into a communal fund with complete authority over how they are utilized.

When you opt for fair trade gifts like a cross-stitch toiletry bag or an organic cotton quilt, you can rest assured that the artisans who create the beautiful items you purchase are getting a fair share.

2 – Gender equality

Women make up a sizable portion of the workforce in the fair trade sector. The fair trade movement is based on the idea that gender equality is crucial to social sustainability and that women’s contributions must be more visible, acknowledged, and valued.

The fair trade premium assists efforts that enhance access to water, healthcare, and transportation for women and other underrepresented groups. You can help local women who work hard to make those unique items by purchasing fair trade gifts.

3 – Offers disadvantaged small-scale producers more control

The “Fair Trade Minimum” provides producers with price security by establishing a “minimum price” for goods they sell as fair trade in the event that the market price declines. Likewise, it enables them to profit when market prices increase over the “minimum price.”

The artisans, laborers, and producers are less susceptible to price fluctuations, allowing them to securely take charge of their enterprises by investing in the future and securing a higher standard of living for their families. When you buy fair trade gifts, you can be sure that the creators of those gifts were offered a fair deal on their products.

4 – No room for child labor and exploitation

Even though it is against the law in most countries, young children are employed in factories and other industrial facilities in many third-world nations. Fairtrade makes sure that underage labor is never supported.

Work that puts children under 18 in danger or interferes with their education is prohibited. Fair trade organizations are not allowed to hire anyone under 15.

You can ensure children do not lose their childhood by buying fair trade gifts.

5 – Safer workplace

There are reports of workers in underdeveloped nations dying daily due to unsafe working conditions or neglect by factory owners. Recently, a Bangladeshi textile factory collapse claimed the lives of over 1,100 people. By purchasing fair trade gifts, you help ensure that workers have safe working conditions.

This includes more stringent rules that make companies offer workers quality accommodation on-site, have contracts with adequate leave and overtime, and have the appropriate health and safety equipment for their jobs.

6 – Environmentally accountable

It is reassuring to know that the core of the fair trade standard is the focus on sustainability and environmental protection in light of the daily media headlines presenting ominous predictions of our planet owing to climate change and a decline in biodiversity. These standards include initiatives to safeguard biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This includes advising producers on how to transition to eco-friendly techniques and assisting them in reducing the effects of climate change.

You can contribute towards environmental safety and protection by opting for sustainable, fair trade gifts.


To pay for holiday gifts and celebrations, it’s normal practice in some nations for people to incur debt. This brings to light the enormous discrepancies that affect people worldwide and inspires us to buy fair trade gifts to help address some of these injustices. When you purchase fair trade gifts, you’re helping an artisan who was fairly compensated for their work and who typically works in a developing nation.

Since everyone participating receives above-living wages and gains better access to healthcare, education, and employment prospects, fair trade gifts continue to give. You can choose from various popular, attractive, sustainable gifts at The Anchal Project.

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