Pie-licious Down Under: Uncover the Tastiest Pies in Australia, including Chicken Mornay!

If you’re a foodie with a love for savory treats, then Australia should definitely be on your culinary radar. One of the most iconic and beloved Australian dishes is the meat pie, which has been a staple in Australian cuisine for generations. But it’s not just about the traditional meat pies – Australia also offers a wide variety of other delicious pie options, including the mouthwatering Chicken Mornay pie. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the delectable world of pies in Australia, with a special focus on the irresistible Chicken Mornay pie!

A Brief History of Australian Pies

Pies have a long and rich history in Australia, dating back to the early colonial days. The concept of the meat pie, which typically consists of minced or diced meat encased in a pastry shell, was brought to Australia by British settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Over time, the meat pie became a popular and convenient food choice for Australians, thanks to its portability, delicious flavor, and filling nature.

Today, the meat pie remains a quintessential Australian food, enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. It is often served as a grab-and-go meal or a comfort food option, and is commonly found at bakeries, cafes, sporting events, and even as a late-night snack.

Varieties of Australian Pies

While the classic meat pie is undoubtedly the most well-known pie in Australia, there are a plethora of other pie options that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular pie varieties you can find Down Under:

  1. Beef Pie: The beef pie is the epitome of Australian comfort food. It typically contains chunks of tender beef cooked in a savory gravy, encased in a flaky pastry shell. The combination of juicy meat and rich, flavorful gravy makes it a true Aussie classic.
  2. Lamb Pie: Lamb is another popular meat used in Australian pies. The succulent and slightly gamey flavor of lamb pairs perfectly with the rich gravy and buttery pastry, creating a mouthwatering treat that is loved by many.
  3. Chicken Pie: Chicken pies are a lighter option for those who prefer poultry over red meat. Made with tender pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy sauce, these pies are often packed with vegetables such as carrots, peas, and potatoes, adding a burst of flavor and nutrition.
  4. Vegetarian Pie: For those who follow a plant-based or vegetarian diet, there are plenty of delicious options available. Vegetarian pies often feature a medley of fresh vegetables, such as mushrooms, spinach, and lentils, cooked in a flavorful sauce and baked in a golden pastry shell.
  5. Seafood Pie: Australia’s coastal location means that seafood is also a popular filling for pies. Seafood pies can include a variety of seafood, such as prawns, fish, and scallops, cooked in a creamy sauce or bisque, and encased in a crispy pastry shell.
  6. Chicken Mornay Pie: Chicken Mornay pie is a unique and delicious twist on the classic chicken pie. Mornay is a French sauce made with butter, flour, milk, and cheese, creating a creamy and cheesy sauce that pairs perfectly with tender chunks of chicken. This rich and indulgent pie is a true treat for the taste buds.

Chicken Mornay Pie: A Culinary Delight


Among the many pie varieties in Australia, the Chicken Mornay pie stands out for its rich and creamy flavors. Mornay sauce, which is made from a roux-based sauce with added cheese, adds a luxurious twist to the traditional chicken pie.

The Chicken Mornay pie is a comfort food lover’s dream come true. It starts with succulent pieces of chicken cooked to perfection, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices. The chicken is then smothered in a creamy Mornay sauce that is made by combining butter, flour, milk, and cheese. The sauce is thick, luscious, and full of flavor, with the melted cheese adding a delightful tanginess. The chicken and Mornay sauce are then nestled in a flaky pastry shell and baked until golden and bubbly.

The result is a pie that is bursting with flavor and texture. The creamy sauce envelops the tender chicken, creating a heavenly combination that is sure to please your taste buds. The pastry shell provides a satisfying crunch, contrasting with the smoothness of the sauce and the tenderness of the chicken. The Chicken Mornay pie is the perfect balance of savory, creamy, and indulgent flavors that will leave you craving for more.

The Origins of Chicken Mornay Pie

The origins of Chicken Mornay pie can be traced back to France, where Mornay sauce was first created. Named after the French aristocrat Philippe de Mornay, this sauce was traditionally made with Gruyère cheese and used to enhance the flavor of various dishes, including poultry, fish, and vegetables.

Over time, Chicken Mornay pie made its way to Australia and became a beloved dish among locals and visitors alike. Australian chefs and home cooks have put their own spin on the classic French sauce, using local ingredients and flavors to create a unique and delicious pie that has become a staple in Australian cuisine.

Where to Find Chicken Mornay Pie in Australia

If you’re eager to try this scrumptious dish, you’re in luck! Chicken Mornay pie can be found in many bakeries, cafes, and restaurants across Australia. It’s a popular menu item in many pie shops and is often served as a specialty pie in gourmet eateries.

One of the best places to sample Chicken Mornay pie is in South Australia, particularly in the town of Port Lincoln. This coastal town is known for its fresh seafood, and many local pie shops offer a delightful Chicken Mornay pie made with locally caught fish and seafood. Other regions in Australia, such as Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, also boast delicious Chicken Mornay pies that are worth trying.


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