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Why are Aerial Photogrammetry Services More Beneficiary?

Most people are familiar with aerial photography because drones with cameras have become quite popular, even with children. Many people use them to take photographs from the air. But in general, aerial photography can be described as any photograph taken from the air, like from aircraft, satellites, etc.

Aerial photogrammetry is quite different from photography because it is used to obtain reliable observation of the environment and the objects within. It is usually used for creating precise topographical maps and for engineering works. Aerial mapping provides many benefits for land-use projects, environmental studies, archaeology, etc.

If you are looking for the benefits of choosing an aerial photogrammetric mapping service, then you can find a list of helpful information below.

What is an aerial photogrammetric mapping service?

Most of all people these days, including children, are familiar with aerial photography, but photogrammetry is not quite the same. Unlike simple photography, photogrammetry involves calculations necessary for measuring land areas and creating a topographic map. Aerial photogrammetric mapping involves photos taken from different angles and locations (from the air). It helps generate models for real-world objects (mainly in engineering and construction works). The pictures taken from the air will be mathematically reconstructed with 3D coordinates to create a digital model with precise measurements, which will be used for different purposes. Aerial photogrammetric mapping services (mostly offered by engineering service companies) are those that provide all the services mentioned above.

Advantages of choosing aerial photogrammetric services

Aerial photogrammetry involves vertical and oblique photographs, increasing its uses in many ways. Nowadays, it is used for numerous purposes and by many companies in different fields; thus, it holds a lot of advantages. Some of its important benefits are provided below.

  • Cost-effective method for everyone to collect data

Aerial photogrammetry has become entirely cost-effective with the invention of the latest technologies, like drones, that can cover large areas. Such services are now available at cheap rates; thus, even small business organizations can hire companies that provide such services for their needs. Hiring an aerial mapping service can reduce the overall cost of your survey projects. Just one operator is necessary to take aerial photographs these days and will reduce the cost in many ways.

  • Aerial photogrammetric services are quick and time-efficient

Aerial photogrammetric services will help you to collect data quickly within a short time. With the latest technologies and devices available these days, it is easy to cover a large distance within a short time. Many aerial photogrammetric services are also ready to operate during the night. Thus, you will be able to collect the necessary data in the shortest time possible.

  • Helps you to get more detailed and precise photographs

Aerial photographs are highly accurate and reliable and give more depth to the images; thus, it will be easy for engineers to calculate precise measurements and create 3D models. Research shows that aerial photographs hold an accuracy between 1/5,000th and 1/8,000th of an inch, depending on their height from the ground level. So, it is the best choice for mapping and 3D modeling.

  • It can cover harsh and hazardous areas.

Aerial photogrammetric services will help you cover a wide range of areas and can also be used to visualize the location. With this service, you can use data for mapping even harsh and hazardous areas that are not recommended for ground photography. Ground photography for mapping that requires two or more days to complete can be done with the help of aerial photogrammetric services in just a few hours or a day.

  • Aerial photogrammetric services are useful in various industries.

Nowadays, aerial photogrammetry is needed in different fields and for different purposes. It is mainly used for planning land-use projects (for construction works), in movie production (for capturing unique sceneries and visuals, environmental studies, archaeology, power line inspection, taking a survey of large land areas, surveillance for different purposes, etc. Since technologies are not the same as in old times, people can obtain a clearer view and photographs for creating perfect maps. Even night vision cameras that can operate at night are available these days.

What are the services that you can expect from an aerial photogrammetric service?

  • Digital Aerial Photogrammetry (for creating 3D digital aerial images)
  • Power-Line Systems modeling and designing
  • Digital elevation modeling (for getting data off the topographic surface of the earth)
  • Ortho Photography
  • LiDAR data acquisition and processing
  • Volumetrics
  • Topographic and Palnimeric feature extractions in 2D and 3D

Over to you

All the information provided above will help you understand the benefits of aerial photogrammetric services for aerial mapping. It would be best if you remembered that not all such services will be efficient and allow you to get the best results. Thus, you have to choose the best one, like NV5, which holds high experience in this field.


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