UnemploymentUnemployment is rising all over the world especially in some parts of Europe and United States. It is expected to increase more in 2014 according to what said by some European and American governments.

The European Union is working so hard to avoid unemployment increase, but time are so difficult! Even the European economy is at risk and they are trying so hard to avoid the unemployment. Finland is one of the few countries that are in a good economy. On the other hand, unemployment is worse in Italy, Spain and Greece. So many professionals and young people are moving around Europe looking for good opportunities of employment.

Even USA is recovering from the economic crisis as the unemployment is still very high and recovery is quite slow. The percentage of official unemployment in the USA is about 7,6%, quite lower than the top reached during the crisis but too high to be able to speak of a economy recovery. In the USA states with highest unemployment rate are Nevada, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Unemployment is something that every country is trying to eliminate and even the crisis was really bad for many countries, there is a lot of good people and great leaders that are going and are already changing the fortune of each country that is in crisis now. Each government is trying to be positive and looking for good solution and great successful finance plan that can change the destiny of their people, but is not easy to do so.

So many good people think the unemployment is just a challenge and everyone expects it will change their bad situation.